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You may count on hatching eggs and day-old chicks, which are produced with the greatest care as if it would be for ourselves. Moreover we offer a choice between top varieties, delivered by the best global breeders. For instance, we have Ross 308 and Cobb 500 broiler chickens and ISA Brown, Dekalb White and Bovans Brown laying hens at our disposal.

From egg to chick

Healthy and safe eggs, chicks and laying hens of a superior quality – that is what you get from us. Still, that is not a sinecure. Incubel goes for long-term-relationships with its partners. Relations which are based on mutual trust, a close cooperation and thorough quality checks in accordance with European standards.

What Incubel has to offer:

hatching eggs, day-old chicks, poultry projects, consulting

Hatching eggs

You have the advantage of excellent, company produced hatching eggs. These are collected from a pool of about two million qualitative hens on professional farms that give priority to quality and performance.

Day-old chicks

All chicks originate from our own hatcheries. In this way, we guarantee the best quality. All of our chick hatcheries apply our own presupposed and thorough quality control (Belplume and IKB).

Poultry projects

In conjunction with our partners we assist in developing poultry projects. Well begun is entirely done. You have the advantage of our knowledge and expertise.


A century of experience is invaluable. We would love to share our practical experience and technical knowledge with our customers. This way, you obtain optimal results and the most efficient production. Problems are a challenge where our people have to find a solution for.

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The power of Incubel?

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